nextLI's Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge (2021)

As part of Newsday's GNI Innovation Challenge, I extended Datasette and built plugins to improve its usability within the newsroom.

Mon 01 November 2021 ~ Brandon Roberts
Datasette survey builder

One of the plugins I wrote as part of the contract, a fully interactive drag-and-drop survey builder.

Datasette is a open source tool that makes it easy for people to publish datasets in the form of an interactive website. You can browse, filter, map, chart and execute SQL queries against the data without writing any specialized code. Newsday's nextLI team brought me on as the lead developer implementing their Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge grant proposal. The project centered around building a data warehouse full of all the data Newsday's reporters have used in their reporting, going back over ten years. We chose Datasette as our base, but needed to extend it to allow things like dynamic re-configuration and data importing. I also created some plugins for managing users and permissions, live data importing and even a fully interactive survey builder. Some of this work resulted in modifications to Datasette itself.