ProPublica's Electionland (2020)

I made it easier for reporters to monitor for voting issues during the 2020 general election.

Thu 05 November 2020 ~ Brandon Roberts
Screenshot from Electionland's backend application.

Reporters watch for new tips and build pitches using this Django interface.

ProPublica's Electionland is a recurring collaborative reporting project focused on voting issues during general elections. I was brought on to help out during the 2020 election cycle. The original software powering Electionland, called Landslide, was developed in 2016 and hasn't changed a whole lot since. (Fun fact: Landslide was the inspiration for Collaborate, the collaborative journalism tool I wrote for ProPublica in 2019.) I was brought on for the 2020 election cycle to cleanup the codebase, watch for production issues and add some new features to make it easier for reporters to flag incoming tips.