The Membership Guide

I got an opportunity to make WordPress shine.

Thu 08 October 2020 ~ Brandon Roberts
The Membership Guide's case study explorer.

The Membership Guide used frontend JS techniques with the WordPress backend and the case studies search tool is a good example of that.

I've got to be honest -- I don't really like working with WordPress. That's probably because when I do, it tends to be last minute, desperate situations so the code I'm dealing with is usually a nightmare. It was really nice to be given an opportunity to use the good parts of WordPress and work from a totally clean slate.

The Membership Guide speaks to a lot of different journalism audiences, so naturally it has lots of types of kinds of information. Keeping it all organized, but within reach was a challenge. Content-rich WordPress sites are easy to get wrong, devolving into slow loading monsters. We had a really nice design to work from, which helped a lot. Since I had a clean slate, I was able to decide if I wanted to use traditional server WP, REST or pure-JS for most features as I went along. Overall, the result is a decent looking site that performs well and isn't immediately identified as WordPress.

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